Hankinson International

Hankinson International offers you not only products designed for performance and built to last. With technical assistance before the sale, ensures that the right products are selected. Service support after the sale allows years of trouble free operation.

HPRplus & HHDplus Series.

Refrigerated type compressed air dryers.

- Sizes to 3 000 scfm
- Dew points from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius
- Smooth surface, multi tube heat exchangers resist fouling, maintain high transfer efficiency for the life of the dryer.

HIT Series.

Refrigerated type compressed air dryers.

- Complete air treatment system in one package
- Does the job of an after cooler
- Cools - accepts hot air directly from a compressor (up to 82 degrees Celsius)
- Dries - eliminates troublesome water from downstream air lines

H Series.

Refrigerated type compressed air dryers.

- Sizes to 20 000 scfm
- Dew points from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius
- Hankinson designed & manufactured heat exchangers offer a balanced design for high heat exchange rate & low pressure drop
- Two - stage separator maintains efficiency at all flow conditions

HMD Series.

Membrane type compressed air dryers.

Sizes to 150 scfm
- Dew points from -40 to 5 degrees Celsius
- Water vapour passes through permeable membrane walls lowering the dew point
- Works without moving parts, consumables, or external power source

HHL Series.

Heatless type regenerative desiccant dryers.

- Sizes to 5 400 scfm
- dew points of -40 and -73 degrees Celsius
- Large desiccant beds produce the required dew point
- Towers are designed to save the heat of absorption & minimizes purge air usage

DBP & DBPE Series.

Blower purge type regenerative desiccant dryers.

- Sizes to 5 800 scfm
- Dew point -40 degrees Celcius
- Guaranteed outlet dew point at 100% duty cycle
- Energy saving 0.8% average purge rate with two stage regeneration

HEDS & H/DW Series.

Combonation Refrigeration/Blower purge type desiccant drying systems.

- Sizes to 12 000 scfm
- Minimizes energy requirements when low dew point tempretures are required
- Energy required for the bed regeneration is reduced by precooling the air straem in a refrigerated dryer
- Additional savings are poosible if desiccant dryer can be by passed in the warmer months


Breathing air purifiers

- Makes typical plant air safe to breath
- Removes harmful levels of carbon monoxide plus other gaseous, solid and liquid contaminants
- Available in portable and continuous flow models

HF Series.

Compressed air filters

- Provide the exact degree of filtration needed for your application
- HF series, Grade 9 - separator/filters remove bulk liquids & solids 3 microns & larger
- HF series, Grade 6 - After filter for heatless desiccant dryers filtrate particals to 1 micron
- HF series, Grade 1- Oil vapour removal filters and odour

HEDS & H/DW Series.

Mist eliminators

- A low cost way to remove oil & water aerosols from a compressed air system
- Filters 100% of particals of 3 microns & larger
- Filters 99.98% of particals of 0.1microns & larger
- Filters to 0.5 ppm remaining liquid content

HS Series.

Oil - Water separators

- Sizes to 2 100 scfm
- Seporates to 10 ppm and meets most legal requirements
- Four convenient 1/2" inlet connections
- Extra capacity settling chamber

Automatic Condensate Drains.

Automatically removes condensate from your air system.

- Electronically activated demand drain

- Highly accurate timer control valve open & closed times

Rental Equipment.

Compressed air. As clean as dry as you need it.

- Air cooled aftercoolers and separators, air driven fan motors an oil removel filters
Capacity : up to 750 cfm @ 7 bar.
Self contained units comprising :

1) Compressed aftercooler and separator/filter/drain
2) Automatic lubrication on aftercooler pneumatic motor
3) Oil removal prefilter to drier
4) Inlet and purge valves are pneumatic actuator operated butterfly valves.
5) Electronic control is switch selectable between 12V DC, 24V DC and 220V AC
6) Dust removal filter
7) Moisture/dry air indicator