Founded in 1983, we are a company that specialises in the supply and delivery ofvarious imported products that are ideally suited for refineries, power generationplants, pharmaceutical, engineering and mining industries.

We have supplied Southern African consumers with SPX Hankison compressedair treatment equipment, SOR Inc pressure, level, flow and temperature switches & transmitters and Tokyo Keiso flow and level metering equipment.

The unquestionable high quality reputation of all our products has assisted incontinuous and economic equipment operation between service intervals with theminimum amount of attention.

Products we offer:

  • Level Switches: Displacer, float, ultrasonic, RF admittance, thermal differential, and vibration.
  • Transmitters: Spring Balanced Displacer, torque tube
  • Transmitters: Spring Balanced Displacer, torque tube, RF admittance, magnetostrictive, ultrasonic submersible hydrostatic.
  • Flow Switches: Vane and thermal differential.
  • Pressure Switches: Pressure, compound and vacuum ranges. Pivot seal type for hydraulic applications. Big hermet, Mini hermet, Dual hi-lo & Differential pressure switches.
  • Pressure Transmitters: Mini hermet - weatherproof fixed, range fixed, immersible range, explosion proof adjustable.
  • Temperature Switches: Direct mount or capillary type.
  • Temperature Transmitters: Mini hermet - Explosion proof adjustable.
  • Flow Meters: Purgemeters, larger flow, glass tube rotameters, metal tube rotameters, indication only, alarm or transmitter.
  • Level Indictors: Magnetic float tyle level indicator, available with alarms or 4 - 20 transmission, various meterials of construction.
  • Filters: For oil, water, solids and vapour removal, 34m3 /hour to 36 480m3 /hour.
  • Driers, Air and Gas: Refrigerant, chemical, combination membrane. Flow rates of 1.7m3 /hour to 26 400m3 /hour at 7 bar.
  • Aftercoolers: Airblast and watercooled.
  • Condensate Seperators: Mechanical and impaction.
  • Condensate Drains: Mechanical, electrical and electronic level contract.
  • Moisture Measuring Devices: Mechanical and electronic.
  • Catalite Breathing Air Purifiers: Up to 1 470m3 /hour.